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27/12/2020 Microphone Technique

Microphone Technique

Although it sounds strange to you, to hear your own voice over the P.A, in fact it doesn’t sound any different to the audience than if you were talking to them in normal conversation. The trick here is to be Yourself, if you haven’t got the skill to project a warm friendly personality at the […]
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21/12/2020 DJ Joe Paisley @ Music-Market

DJ Joe Paisley @ Music-Market

We are so proud, we could promote Top-DJ Joe Paisley and sell his tracks on Music-Market.net. DJ Joe Paisley is a producer, songwriter, DJ and event manager.  Since over 30 years he is the music business. Now, in the lockdown he has produced some amazing tracks. See below the videos:       More will […]
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08/12/2020 Music Distribution Portal

Music Distribution Portal

Paduga.com is a powerful and easy-to-use, free digital music distribution service which allows artists and record labels to get their music on the World’s leading digital music retailers like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, ByteDance, TikTok/Resso, and many others. Keep 100% of Your Sales Paduga never takes a cut of what ...
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08/12/2020 History of the guitar

History of the guitar

It is very difficult to trace a line back to the exact birth of the instrument we know as the guitar today, as there is a lot of myth and uncertainty surrounding its origins. This is mainly due to the fact there have been a number of similar instruments throughout the ages. Many historians claim […]
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07/12/2020 Guitar Greats

Guitar Greats

No two guitar aficionados will be able to agree on the list of guitar greats, but like so many lists, it can be fun to try to make. What each considers greatness will vary too – is it technical ability or some hard-to-define quality like ‘soul’? The blues guitarist Robert Johnson features on many lists. […]
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