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Music Ghost Production
Buy ghost produced EDM tracks als low as US$ 15!!
On Music-Market.net you can buy music tracks with full exclusive license rights. You can publish wherever you want, and can sell unlimited copys all over the world.
Put your name or brand in the credits.
Own 100% of Royalties! Full Anonymity!!
Note: These tracks are only available ONE time on our site.
Exclusive tracks limited to 1 copy ! First come first served!

Buy ghost produced tracks here online


Frequently Asked Questions for our Ghost Produced Buy Out Tracks:

  • Can I rename these ghost produced music tracks? YES.
  • Can I use these tracks on YouTube, Twich and Vimeo? Yes.
  • Do I have to give credits to an artist or to a site? No.
  • Can I use these tracks in a theater, disco, club, bar, pub? Yes, wherever you want.
  • Can I use these tracks in a movie, film, ad, app or software? Yes.
  • Can I use this music in Social Media like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook? Sure. Yes.
  • Do I have to pay royalties, fees, etc. when I use this music?  No, you own the track-
  • Are there any limitations or restrictions of using these tracks? No.
  • Do I own exclusive rights of these tracks? YES, after you buy it.
  • Can I publish wherever I want, and can sell unlimited copys all over the world? YES.
  • Do I own the Copyrighs of the music? YES after you buy it.
  • What format have this music track?  High Quality MP3.
  • Are MIDI files or Stems inclusive?  Sorry, No. That’s why we are soooo cheap.
  • After purchasing the track through music-market.net, can I sell the track? Yes. You may sell the track through BeatPort, iTunes, or any other music outlet you wish. You may release it on a label or any other means. You own the track 100% outright.
  • Can I upload this music to a streaming distribution service (like, Ditto, DistroKid, Tunecore or Paduga.com)?  YES
  • Do I have royalties for the track? Yes. Once a track is purchased through us the buyer maintains 100% royalties.
  • Can I put together a digital album, and sell it through a distributor like iTunes, Google PLay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, or Amazon? YES.
  • What happen when I buy this track? You will get a download link. And this track is not available anymore on our site.
  • Will the voiceover still be present after I purchase the track? No. The “Music-Market.net” voiceover is only present in the music that you preview.
  • What will I get after I buy a ghost produced track on Music-Market? After you purchase the track, you will be able to download a clean, high quality full lengh track in MP3 and you get a transfer of rights agreement in PDF.
  • Why is Music-Market.net so cheap? Because there are no MIDI files or Stems inclusive.
  • Is the deal confidential?  Yes


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