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Frequently asked questions:

How does the Music-Market.net work?

You can shop royalty free music tracks and premium buy-out tracks with full owner rights on our shopping section.
With a Music-Market.net subscription, you get access to our royalty free music library at a great value. We offer three different subscription plans depend on your needs.  The plans you can choose after a registration (see link in the top menu).   There is a small collection of tracks that aren’t included in the subscription.
Producers and artists can register at Music-Market.net and choose a “Producer” membership plan where they can upload their tracks to sale on Music-Market.net.

Is it safe to make a purchase on your website?

We fully understand the need for security when making online purchases. Music-Market.net uses a state-of-the-art encrypted processing system. Payment transaction will be precessed by PayPal or Stripe on a separate, secure server.

What is Royalty Free Music?

A type of music license that allows someone to use the music track for as long as desired. Usually this comes at a one time payment, however Music-Market.net offers royalty free music which means you can download and use this music for your rojects!
Music purchased from the our music library is royalty free. This means that after paying a one-time fee, you can use the music you’ve purchased as many times as you wish (unlimited needledrops) for as long as you like in accordance with the terms stated below the track. You never have to pay us any additional license fees based on usage.

Where can I use Music-Market.net music tracks?

Music-Market.net and the tracks in it are perfect to be used as background music for videos and as free music for video editing. Other examples where you can use Music-Market.net’s audio tracks include:

  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Music Videos
  • Websites
  • Social Media platforms
  • Podcasts
  • Online advertisements
  • Clubs, Bars, Discos, Restaurants

Some tracks can be pubished on CD, DVD, Film, or broadcast on Radio, TV, and websites.   See licence on each track.

What Music Licence the tracks have?

On Music-Market.net, we have a specific license for each of our tracks. Be sure you are aware of which license applies to the item you have downloaded. See licence description on track track description. Most tracks are “Royalty Free Music”, you can use it for your projects.

Some Tracks have FULL AUTHOR RIGHTS, it means these tracks are only available ONE time for download. With a purchache of these tracks You will own 100% of the copyrights of these tracks. You can publish wherever you want!  You even can upload it to spotify, dezer, etc… and 100% of the revenue are yours!
Each of these tracks are available for a  Buy Out fee that includes all rights for any platform and any territory in perpetuity.  Note: Thesw tracks are only available ONE time on our site. First come first served!

Standard License
The Standard License covers many popular types of use, such as internet videos, corporate videos, and commercially distributed projects, including a project intended to generate revenue to you.

BuyOut License
The BuyOut License covers all rights even the author rights and copyrights. You will own 100% of the copyrights to this track. You can publish wherever you want! It also includes unlimited distribution worldwide of projects intended to generate revenue to you. This license can be used for a single project in perpetuity.

What’s the benefit of a “Royalty Free” Music?

With a royalty free license, you don’t have to worry about filling out usage forms or renewing an annual license. One transaction and you’re covered for unlimited future usage.

Where can I grab royalty free music on Music-Market.net for free?

You just need to register (see top of the page), and browse our FREE TRACKS section.   These are royalty free music tracks, see terms and licence below the tracks.

What type of plan do I need?

It’s up to you! We have three types of content in our catalog: Tracks for download in our membership plans, single music tracs for shop, and radio playlists. We offer standalone options, and bundled plans.
Don’t need a subscription plan? We also offer Single Song transactions here.
You can choose the right plan and/or offering for you here.

You may register with the Music-Market.net as a fan and create a user account (“Account”), which will allow you to access certain features of the Service that are only available through an Accounts, such as a Playlist, Comments, Wishlist, a profile page that lists your history of purchases of music along with information that you choose to share about yourself, and the ability to follow other fans or Artists.

I only need one track. Do you have a single track option?

Yes, the single track option is available with our music shop. You even don’t have to subscribe to a membership plan.

How soon do I receive the music I buy from Music-Market.net?

Within minutes! As soon as your transaction has been processed, you will immediately be transferred to your download page. Additionally, we automatically send a link to the email address you’ve provided. If you did not receive the download instructions by email, please check your “Junk” or “Spam” folder – it may have landed there. If you are a Music-Market.net member, you can also retrieve the download from your account.

Can I use the same music track that I license with my subscription in multiple creative projects?

Yes, you can.  See licence description on each track.

What are Buy-Out Tracks?

You can buy these tracks with full copyright licence.  It mean after purchase you are the owner of these tracks.  It is a kind of PLR (Private Lable Rights) music, or “White Lable” music.  You can do whatever you want with these tracks. You can sell, use and stream these tracks (unlimted and worldwide) and get 100% of the profits.   You can rename title and artist.  You can publish wherever you want! It also includes unlimited distribution worldwide of projects intended to generate revenue to you.  See details and options below the tracks.   Licence terms are in the download section after buy-out purchasing.

Will the voiceover still be present after I purchase a license?

No. The “Music-Market.net” voiceover is only present in the music that you preview. After you purchase a license, you will be able to download a clean high quality full lengh copy.

Can I purchase music from your site, sing my song or play guitar over it and distribute my album?

It depend on the licence terms. But with most tracks you can do so.  Also with our BuyOut tracks off cause.

How do I download the tracks after having subscribed?

Once the subscription is purchased you will be able to download the files individually for each track by browsing into the music categories or shop at our Music Shop.

Do I need to credit the artist?

Most tracks you don’t have to, but of course, it would be wonderful if you do. The same applies to sharing a link with us to your finished media project. Not mandatory, but we love to see how your work and our artist’s music align.  Contact us with a link if you are happy with the end result. Some tracks are with Creative Commens Rights  CC By 4.0.

How I can pay for the tracks?

You can pay by PayPal for each purchase. Or subscribe to a membership plan.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still complete your purchase with PayPal using “Guest Checkout”. After clicking “Checkout” on Music-Market.net, look for the “don’t have a PayPal account?” option on PayPal’s details page, then enter your credit card information. Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow Guest Checkout in some cases — sometimes it’s because of your geographic location or past purchases, and other times it’s because of incorrect settings in the artist’s PayPal account. If you don’t see the option, you can still complete your purchase by signing up for a free PayPal account.

Is my personal information going to be re-sold to some random third-party advertiser?

No, we only use personal information for the purposes of improving Music-Market.net and our users experience on Music-Market.net.  Please check our Privacy Policy.

For Artists & Producers:

What can I upload? Are covers OK?

You must own or control all rights to everything you upload. That means covers are out, unless you have a written license or authorization from the artist to upload the cover to Music-Market.net and grant us the rights in the terms below. Do not upload cover songs unless you have obtained all permissions and authorizations in writing! These requirements apply regardless of whether you’re selling the music or giving it away.

How do I get paid on Music-Market.net?

As nan Astist who upload music & audio tracks for sale, you’ll receive monthly payouts from us in your PayPal account or bank account. You can setup your Bank or PayPal details in your profile.
Payments for digital items are processed first by Music-Market.net and paid out to your PayPal account monthly. We collect our 5-10% revenue share at the time of sale along with payment processor fees.

How much I get paid as an Artist?

In contrast to many other marketplaces, Music-Maeket.net pays 90% to the artists. The remaining income is used to cover the running costs such as for the operation of the servers.
In the music upload section you can set up any price you want for your tracks.

How do I know when my next payout is going to arrive?

Check your  Profile Dashboard  and the “My Earnings” Page. You’ll find all transactions and turnover of your tracks.



I can’t log in, help!

Forgot your password? Please use the Forgot Password? option.
Any other issues, just contact us.

I purchased a track. Where is the download link?

As soon as your transaction is processed, you are immediately transferred to your download page. Additionally, a receipt containing a download link is automatically sent to the e-mail address that you provided. If you did not receive the download instructions by e-mail, please check your “Junk” or “Spam” folder – it may have landed there. If you are a Premium member, you can also retrieve the download from your account.

I purchased a BuyOut Track and the music still has the Music-Market.net voiceover on it!

It’s likely that you are still listening to a downloaded preview file. The purchased track and the preview file have the same file name and some applications (including iTunes and iMovie) don’t automatically update the source path every time you download a file. If issues are not resolved you can contact us.

Can I return a music file and get a refund?

Once you have purchased and downloaded a music file, Music-Market.net can not offer a refund unless an error has occurred.


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